Abraham – The seven shepherds of the Bible


As they foresaw the stars, an amazing spectacle unfolded before the sages of Nimrod: one star swallowed the lucky star of King Nimrod. The sages hurried to tell the king that tonight his enemy was born – the man who will defeat him in battle. The king wants to kill the baby, Abraham. His father Terah hides him in a cave. The child grows and develops in him the belief that there is one Creator for the world. Creator, who oversees his creatures. This belief soon brings him into conflict with the king. How will Abraham deal with his faith? Will he leave the city as a respected and admired man, or as a refugee fleeing for his life?

Writing and acting: Menachem Levi
Directing voices and acting: Joel Freiman (Drori)
Original music and processing: Avi Bar Eitan
Digital recording and processing: Sach – Ha’kol Sound Studio
Actors: Yoel Freiman (Drori), Elyakeem Kinstlinger, C.B Davies, Gadi Zaig, rivka deray, Lonnie Monka, Dale David, Mendi Weinberg.
Final editing: Menachem Levi
Production: The Hebrew Audio Theater




Listen to three episodes of the play