From studying the verses of the Bible
From a study of the words of the sages,
The character emerges, the dramatic plot is woven
With professional cast and director 
 A dramatic meeting with key figures in the Bible

Who we are

The Hebrew Audio Theater produces plays that deal with key figures in the Bible and the history of the Jewish people. A dramatic meeting with people who built the path of the Jewish nation and the path of humanity. To keep the imagination freed without tying it to visual images

Wrote about us

“The Newspaper: “At Seven” No. 184
“A call to the imagination”
Amatzia Eitan, 16 Adar 2006 16/03/06

In the age of television and film, the series of audio plays: “Seven Shepherds” manages to bring our children together with the forefathers of the nation magically and imaginatively.

Two in the afternoon, just a weekday, 1976. The whole family gathers around the big radio. The little ones take up space closer to the speakers, the bigger ones give up, as usual. The radio is tuned to the radio station A, and the opening of the program: “For daughter and son and for those who are interested” is already playing:
We move into a world of imagination and sounds, fascinating and entertaining.
Today it is a little difficult to explain this. Try to imagine the children of today’s television sitting in front of a radio and listening with interest. You might be amazed, but it’s still possible. The adults among us still remember the concept of ‘radio show’ and even miss its charms. The play tells, usually in episodes sequels, the story plots of the heroes, with the voices being acted out and illustrated by actors and background voices.
At first glance, it looks simply meager and dry compared next to a movie, where we see with our own eyes the plot and the characters playing with our own eyes. A slightly deeper look will reveal the great advantages of the radio show over the filmed story. It is clear to all of us that the scope limits of the imagination are infinitely greater wider than anything a director can show on the small screen. Give us some voices, and we will already create for ourselves a whole world of characters, atmosphere environment, scenery occurrence. The visual flickering images are just limiting

about us



Davies - Actor

C.B. studied acting at American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Terry Schreiber Studios, and Michael Howard Studios in New York City. Has been in multiple roles on the stage. Has also been in commercials and short films. Was a voice actor in a radio play Helping Sisters. The founder of Jerusalem's JET Community and CBDB Productions. He helped found an acting program in Jerusalem called Crossroads Theater Shed.


Writer, Editor and Entertainer

DALE DAVID BOCCACCIO - Writer, Editor and Entertainer

DALE DAVID BOCCACCIO HONOR of Jerusalem. A writer, editor and entertainer. For the entertainment field he was trained at Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Arvada Academy of The Arts in Colorado. He was trained vocally (Classical/Musical Theatre voice) under the tutelage of the renowned Dr. Scott Martin. Has been part of the entertainment industry in America and Israel for over 40 years

Avi Bar-Eitan,


Avi Bar-Eitan - Composer

Dr. Avi Bar-Eitan is a composer, arranger, conductor, researcher, and lecturer. He received his Ph.D. in musicology at the Hebrew University. He teaches music theory, musicianship, orchestration, computer music, and Israeli music at the Hebrew University, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance… Bar-Eitan composes chamber, orchestral, film, and theater music, in contemporary, experimental, and diverse styles.

Joel Freiman Drori

Director and Actor

Joel Freiman Drori - director and actor

Theater and art studies The Fraril Theater of group. London has worked as a stage manager, lighting designer, producer, actor and director. Played in plays, in English and German. In Israel, he played in the theater for children and youth in plays. At the Cameri Theater, at Macbeth and more. Habima Theater, Yarma and more. At the Haifa Theater, in Andorra. At a festival for another theater, Aco, at the Alley Theater, Jaffa. In Israeli and foreign films and television in various roles.

Menahem Levi

The playwright

Menahem Levi

Studied acting for two years with the actor Ilan Der. Played in the Avant-garde theater, and wrote many of the texts himself. Studied in the theater department of the actor Shuli Rand. At the Tair Theater: wrote the plays: "On the Way Up". "The Kushan". "A bread of Faith". Starred in the play "Tower of Babel". Studied philosophy and theater at the Hebrew University. And many years at The Merkaz Harav yeshiva. Founder of "The Hebrew Audio Theater"

Gadi Zaig


Gadi Zaig - Actor

Gadi Zaig have a large theatre background and have done many plays for many years - from Shakespeare to musicals.

Yael Valier


Yael Valier - Actor

Yael is the creative director of the Theater and Theology company ( She is a graduate of Matan's Ayanot Bible program and of the Ruti Tamir Physical Theater Workshop. Yael teaches drama at Midreshet Emuna V’Omanut and voices animated characters for The Fox Network's BabyTV Channel.

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