From studying the verses of the Bible
From a study of the words of the sages,
The character emerges, the dramatic plot is woven
With professional cast and director 
 A dramatic meeting with key figures in the Bible

Who we are

The only theater that produces plays through audio. From looking at the verses of the Bible. A faithful study of the midrashim of the sages and commentators The characters are depicted, the dramatic plot is woven.

Wrote about us



Davies - Actor

C.B. studied acting at American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Terry Schreiber Studios, and Michael Howard Studios in New York City. Has been in multiple roles on the stage. Has also been in commercials and short films. Was a voice actor in a radio play Helping Sisters. The founder of Jerusalem's JET Community and CBDB Productions. He helped found an acting program in Jerusalem called Crossroads Theater Shed.

Avi Bar-Eitan,


Avi Bar-Eitan - Composer

Dr. Avi Bar-Eitan is a composer, arranger, conductor, researcher, and lecturer. He received his Ph.D. in musicology at the Hebrew University. He teaches music theory, musicianship, orchestration, computer music, and Israeli music at the Hebrew University, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance… Bar-Eitan composes chamber, orchestral, film, and theater music, in contemporary, experimental, and diverse styles.

Gadi Zaig


Gadi Zaig - Actor

Gadi Zaig have a large theatre background and have done many plays for many years - from Shakespeare to musicals.

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